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Khetan has launched a new range of Classic Pipes in the eight states of Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Chattisgarh Rajasthan.

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   Sprinkler Irrigation System
We offer superior Sprinkler Irrigation System that is designed considering the crops grown, availability of water and its composition, type of soil, elevation, temperature, humidity and wind velocity in order to get the best possible results. Our Sprinklers Irrigation System is capable of irrigating a much larger area as compared to the traditional flood irrigation system. The system is effectively used on almost all the crops grown in country like wheat, gram, soyabean, vegetables, cotton, sugarcane, flowers, groundnut, mustard, etc
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  • Sprinkler irrigation does not require surface shaping of leveling.

  • Can be applied to areas of variable topography.

  • Suitable for most crops , not all , and are adaptable to most irrigable soils.

  • Flexibility is possible because sprinkler heads are available in a wide range of discharge capacities.

  • Chemical and fertilizers applications are easily used with sprinkler systems.

  • To match the pipes, all our couplers and fittings are made of High Density Polyethylene from suitable HDPE grannuals.
  • To make an effective leak proof joint, each coupler and fitting is fitted with one or more rubber washers.
  • With highest quality stainless steel springs and extrudes brass nozzles for long life. The nozzles are specially tapered & slit for uniform long radius spray.
  • All items are designed to work at predetermined operating pressure.
  • As these are not affected by climatic conditions, the pipes are strong, stress resistant and long lasting.
  • The pipes have lower friction losses so the same pump can cover the length.
  Connection Size        ¾ "
  Discharge Rate    1.0 – 3.3 m3 / hr  
  Nozzle Operating pressure    2.0 – 4.0 kg / cm3 
  Sprinkling Radius   11 – 18 metres
  Spacing   12 x 12 metres 
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